Fuller’s London Porter

Beer: London Porter
Brewery: Fuller Smith & Turner
Style: English Porter
ABV: 5.4%

Serving Style: Bottle
Glassware: Pint glass
Drinking Establishment: Kerensa’s kitchen
Consumption Companion: A tall Polish gal



Sight: Dark brown, opaque body with a garnet tint. Frothy, beige head upon first pour.

Scent: Now, this smells like everything I want in a Porter:  robust roasted malt and coffee smell at the front, with a hint of caramel at the end.

Flavor: This Porter has a very pronounced hop flavor. It kind of punches you in the mouth with delicious hoppy bitterness, but then consoles you at the end with a warm, sweet toffee flavor. How every act of physical violence should end. With toffee. And now that it’s lingered in my mouth for a while, I even get a bit of raspberry at the end.

Feel: Medium-to-thin mouthfeel, and slightly over-carbonated.

The flavor profile of Fuller’s London Porter is impressively complex. Although not as creamy or rich as one might wish of a Porter, it’s combination of bitter and sweet leaves one licking their lips for more (literally, I keep licking my lips).

Concluding remarks: While my first go at an English Porter, I’m already sold. The flavor is what anyone would hope to find at a bar on a dull Thursday night: dark, mysterious, deep, European (I guess? Is that what people want?) My Polska called it the “sorbet of Porters,” and I can’t help but agree.

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