Chimay Cinq Cents (Tripel)

Beer:  Cinq Cents
Brewery: Chimay
Style: Tripel
ABV: 8.0%

Serving Style: Bottle
Glassware: Tulip-like glass (best I could get at the moment)
Drinking Establishment: a New Brunswick kitchen
Primary Consumer: Kerensa



Sight: Cloudy dark golden body, like unfiltered cider. Bubbles come up from sediment at the bottom. Very thick, bright white frothy head. It’s kind of like looking at a cloud. Or a pillow. A cloud pillow.

Scent: Intense fruit aromas of pear and apricot, with a slight orange flavor. Some spice notes, of cardamom and cloves. Underlying yeast smell.

Flavor: Not as sweet as it smells. Not sweet at all, actually. Very balanced. One of us tasted hop on the front, the other, hop on the back; it kind of gets stuck down in your throat. Distinct spiciness in the middle. Slight noticeable taste of alcohol. A little bit of banana bread at the end, which is caused by the presence of phenols, a common characteristic of the Tripel style.

Feel: Amazing mouthfeel. Very nice carbonation and medium body.

Chimay beers have been around since the 1850s; however, the Cinq Cent is a fairly new brew, with an introduction date of 1986. Nevertheless, I would dare to call this a classic Tripel. The Chimay website describes this brew as a “rare balance.” Not that you can believe everything you read on a Trappist monastery’s website, but I really can’t agree with that succinct description more. The sweetness, alcohol presence, and hop bitterness are balanced to near perfection.

Concluding remarks:  If you’re new to Tripels, or just looking for an all-round stand-up beer, treat yourself to une petite de Chimay.

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