Sly Fox Ichor (Quad)

Beer:  Ichor
Brewery: Sly Fox Brewing Company
Style: Quad
ABV: 10.0%

Serving Style: Bottle
Glassware: Wine glass
Drinking Establishment: Kerensa’s kitchen
Primary Consumer(s): Ally & Kerensa



Sight: Very dark amber, almost like a Porter, or root beer, or good quality maple syrup.  Perhaps even a tinge of purple?  Almost nonexistent head.

Scent: Like that of bread pudding–sweet, baked raisins and apple-cinnamon.  A note of wet wood, and a hint of hops/metallic aroma.

Flavor: Like Manischewitz–no, Mad Dog 20/20 Red Grape Wine.  Okay, so obviously it tastes like grapes.  Fermented grapes.  Dried grapes.  All kinds of grapes.  And figs!  And perhaps even a bit of licorice, but not in an off-putting way.  Yeah, there’s a lot going on in the flavor department.

Feel: Thin, watery body; super light carbonation.

This Abbey-style Quad from Pennsylvania brewers Sly Fox packs a punch of flavor.  It’s brewed with German Pils, roast malts, and Belgian candi sugar, and it’s hopped with German Tradition hops.  Despite this flavor bonanza, however, nothing really stood out for us to say about it; so it came down to the simple question of would we buy it again.  The answer?  No.  Was it awful?  No, it wasn’t; but based on our research thus far, the American Belgian-knock-offs have left us unimpressed, and Ichor unfortunately perpetuates our unimpressedness.  It did leave us feeling tipsy, though–that much we’ll say.

Something to note: Sly Fox does mention that Ichor will improve with careful aging, so if you’re willing to figure out what “careful aging” means, you might have a better-tasting beer on your hands.

Concluding remarks: Kerensa says it’s a 2 1/2 Pint Glass Beer; Ally says it’s a 3 1/2.  So, we’re calling it average and giving it a 3.

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One thought on “Sly Fox Ichor (Quad)

  1. It is a dangerous quaff! I love it, best on tap. I had it at Growlers Beer Bistro in Tuckahoe NY

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