Avery The Reverend

Beer:  The Reverend
Brewery: Avery Brewing Company
Style: Quadrupel
ABV: 10.0%

Serving Style: Bottle
Glassware: Wine glass
Drinking Establishment: Kerensa’s kitchen
Primary Consumer: Kerensa



Sight: Cloudy amber body with a small little beige head and tiny little carbonation bubbles.

Scent: Delightfully sweet aroma of caramel and candied cherries and raisins. Waft of maple at the end.

Flavor: TONS OF FLAVOR. There’s a truckload of chocolate, cherry, and clove in here. While delicious, it does not do a good job of disguising the 10.0% ABV. At the end, I just taste chocolate-flavored vodka. And at the very end, a slight trace of smoky-bacon (what?)

Feel: Prickly carbonation on a thin-to-medium body.

Concluding remarks: I enjoyed the first few sips…but The Reverend is just a tad too bold in his delivery and message. It’s not balanced by any hops or bitterness, which is its downfall.

Avery’s Quadruple almost exclusively comes in a 750ml, which is really just too much for one human being to drink in one sitting without feeling like they have been roughened up by an ocean of sugar and alcohol. Okay while that actually sounds pretty alright, it’s quite challenging to endure the whole bottle. I’m giving it a go as I write, but truthfully, I’m going to try to pawn some off on my roommates right now…..

All in all, this is a pretty good attempt at a Quadruple; congrats Avery. I bet having a 10 oz. on draft would be the most enjoyable way to experience The Reverend.

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