Kasteel Tripel Bier

And we start our blitzing with a visit to the Churchkey beer bar in Washinton, DC…

Beer:  Kasteel Tripel
Brewery: Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck
Style: Tripel
ABV: 11.0%

Serving Style: Draft
Glassware: Snifter
Drinking Establishment: Churchkey, DC
Primary Consumer: Kerensa
Consumption Companions: A DC resident



Sight: Surprisingly clear, golden body with a small head that leaves a little froth around the edges.

Scent: Helloooooo phenols! This smells like a banana clove pie, also like New Skin. And licorice/a bowl of jelly beans.

Flavor: Quite sweet, with a little tang from the Belgian yeast. There’s a bunch of spice in here…predominantly coriander. There’s also a bit of citrus at the end.

Feel:Fine carbonation, unlike a soda or seltzer.

Concluding remarks: This tastes like a caricature of the banana, i.e., artificial banana flavor. So, like Banana Laffy Taffy or Banana Runts.

This is a pretty easy-to-find Belgian that’s also easy to drink. So yeah, go get some! Don’t expect the world, but expect it to go down easy. I’d categorize it as a Tripel-Lite.

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