The Lost Abbey Serpent’s Stout

Beer:  Serpent’s Stout
Brewery: Lost Abbey
Style: American Double/Imperial Stout
ABV: 11.0%

Serving Style: Bottle
Glassware: Pint glass
Primary Consumer: Kerensa



Sight: Pours a near black body. (It actually look very similar to our rating pint glasses!) The head at first pour is high, frothy, and a sumptuous dark tan.

Scent: A trifecta of toffee, chocolate, and vanilla. (These smells will be a theme this month.) Slight earthy wood–maybe a mahogany, but not oak, which is commonly found in beers that have been oak-aged–at the end.

Flavor: Initially like…a dry forest. (Definitely not a wet forest, in case you were wondering.) Just like a well-structured play, this beer goes through the dramatic arc in five parts. There’s the upfront taste of wood (in a good way, I swear), then coffee, then chocolate, then really bitter chocolate, and lastly an underlying current of sweet toffee and alcohol that balances the beer. There’s also just a spritz of freshly squeezed lemon somewhere in there.

Feel: Creamy body. Carbonation is initially high, but fades as it sits.

Well, it’s the hardest-to-open bottle in history; but that is one of the only reasons this beer got a 4-and-a-half Pint Glass rating instead of a perfect 5. Lost Abbey, a California brewery that is not widely distributed in the Northeast, has put forward a truly exceptional Imperial Stout. This might sound unappealing, but it has a lichen moss taste. It’s quite earthy and has a unique balance of the bitter and sweet. It is ridiculously complex and rich, and feels a lot stronger than 11%, but tastes a lot less than 11%. Also, this guy was bottled just two months ago. I imagine the Serpent only gets better with age.

Concluding remarksIf you can find the tempting Serpent’s Stout, you must give it a try. However, share this 750ml with a friend. It has a lingering bite…

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