Dogfish Head World Wide Stout

Beer:  World Wide Stout
Brewery: Dogfish Head
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 15.0-20.0%

Serving Style: Bottle
Glassware: Pint glass
Drinking Establishment: Ally’s apartment
Primary Consumer: Ally



Sight: Opaque, dark, black, with a barely-noticeable amber glimmer.  Three fingers of thick mocha-colored head that settles to a dusting of foam that lingers on the glass.

Scent: Deep and roasted, like hickory, or maybe even tangy BBQ sauce.  Slightly reminiscent of nail polish remover, but not in a bad way, if that’s possible.

Flavor:  Deep and roasted, like it smells.  A hint of smokiness, with a very mild sweetness as it rests.  And whoa, can you can taste the alcohol!

Feel:  Smooth, full mouthfeel.  Low carbonation.  Just like you can taste it, you can feel the alcohol–it tingles the tongue and warms the esophagus.

When Dogfish Head first introduced its World Wide Stout at the tail-end of 1999, it claimed the title of “most potent beer on the planet.”  This is not the case anymore, but this brew still packs a punch; if drunk were a flavor, this beer would be it.  According to its label, it is “a very dark beer brewed with a ridiculous amount of barley,” and the result is a roasty, full libation.  I feel, however, that there is a more nuanced and complex beer hiding behind the booziness**; it’s like buying a cheap painting from a garage sale, only to find that the Mona Lisa is hidden underneath.  I can see it complimenting a dessert very well–it would balance nicely with something sweet.

**According to Dogfish Head, the World Wide Stout is a beer that ages well.  Although I couldn’t wait long enough to verify this, they say that the “heat” of the beer fades and notes of port and more roastiness shine through–perhaps making it the Mona Lisa of beer?

Concluding remarks: There’s a reason why the DFH website says to “share this one with someone you love”–it’s not for the faint of heart.  But if you like your beer like you like your coffee and men (dark and strong, right?), drink up and find a designated driver–perhaps a dark, strong man who will make you coffee in the morning.

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