Anderson Valley Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout

Beer:  Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout
Brewery: Anderson Valley Brewing Company
Style: Oatmeal Stout
ABV: 5.7%

Serving Style: Draft
Glassware: 10 oz. Snifter
Drinking Establishment: The Iron Monkey, Jersey City
Primary Consumer: Ally



Sight: Opaque, dark, dark brown, with some very slight amber edging.  Thick, creamy, 1 1/2-inch dark tan head that lingers for awhile.  Noticeable lacing on glass.

Scent: Bright, almost citrusy or floral.  Slight roasted malts.  And do I detect the aroma of biscuits in there, too?

Flavor:  Sour, in the realm of cherries or currants, with a mild butterscotch sweetness.  The aftertaste is slightly bitter/hoppy, perhaps even dough-like.  As it rests, notes of chocolate or cocoa emerge.

Feel:  Thin body, with low-to-moderate carbonation.  Smooth mouthfeel, with a bit of lingering dryness afterward.

Perhaps this was a bad batch; but the Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout, from California-based brewers Anderson Valley, doesn’t taste much like an Oatmeal Stout should.  Although it has the signature Oatmeal Stout smoothness, the sour aspect threw me off.  It’s not too roasty…or bold…or anything characteristic of a Stout, really.

Concluding remarks: It might not be a bad brew, but when expecting an Oatmeal Stout, it could be a little off-putting.

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