Flying Dog Kujo Imperial Coffee Stout

Beer:  Kujo Imperial Coffee Stout
Brewery: Flying Dog
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 8.9%

Serving Style: Bottle
Glassware: Pint glass
Drinking Establishment: Kerensa’s kitchen
Primary Consumer: Kerensa



Sight: Flat black body with no head. Dark tan bubbles cluster around the rim of the glass.

Scent: It smells like…Sharpie markers? Which actually is a combination of alcohol and dark, dirty coffee grounds. Final note: Sharpie milkshake.

Flavor: This is one of the more…flavorful beers of the month. Why the ellipses? Well, because flavor doesn’t always equate to good. The initial taste is dirt, but not just soil–dirt and grime. It’s like the brewers dropped some coffee grounds on the, um, ground, scooped up the grounds and whatever else was on the ground, and put it into the kettle. Oh, this is strange. The taste of dirt doesn’t really go away. There are other flavors in there, though, like raisins and figs…but dirty raisins and figs. As it sits, it almost tastes like bittersweet ground Mexican chocolate with hot chilies. 

Feel: Thin-to-medium body with prickly carbonation.

Concluding remarks: Ralph Steadman’s scary-ass Kujo drawing is more exciting and frighteningly awesome than Flying Dog’s Kujo beer. However, it is inarguable that this beer has a bite, albeit not a killer one. If I could rename this style, I would call it an Imperial Dirt Spice Stout. Imperial in its ABV, Dirt and Spice in its flavor, Stout in its malty robustness. I would recommend trying it because it doesn’t taste like any Coffee Stout, nay Stout, I have had. Do I have to reiterate: Imperial Dirt Spice Stout?

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