Kane Port Omna American Stout

Beer:  Port Omna American Stout
Brewery: Kane Brewing Company
Style: American Extra Stout (a Dry Irish and Foreign Extra hybrid)
ABV: 6.00%

Serving Style: Draft
Glassware: Pint glass
Drinking Establishment: The Old Bay, New Brunswick, NJ
Primary Consumer: Ally



Sight: Opaque, near black/dark cola in color, with some amber edging.  1-inch thick, creamy, mocha head.  Nice lacing of tiny, fizzy bubbles.

Scent: Coffee and chocolate; sweet malts; and dried fruit, perhaps figs or apricots.

Flavor:  There is a bitter hoppiness alongside notes of sweet coffee and chocolate, even some slight vanilla; but it is the bitterness that lingers in the aftertaste.

Feel:  Crisp, but smooth.  Moderate carbonation.  A bit of a dry finish.

Concluding remarksKane is one of New Jersey’s newest breweries, hailing from Ocean Township.  With their Port Omna Stout, they’ve created their own style: the American Extra Stout, a hybrid of a Dry Irish Stout and a Foreign Extra Stout.  The result?  A solid, well-balanced brew–bitter but sweet, slightly roasty but with a bit of fruit notes.

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