You call it March Madness; we call it Get Blitzed Day!

The month of March flew by, didn’t it?  Maybe it’s because you were so immersed in watching the number one ranked teams in the NCAA make their way to the finals.  (Actually, wouldn’t it have been more exciting if it came down to Western Kentucky and Loyola Maryland?  Just sayin’.)  But for us over at TYIB, March flew by because there were so many Stouts for us to try, and so little time.

But, the month isn’t over yet!  We’re defying the old adage and going out like a lion, with a Get Blitzed Day chock full o’ beers to keep you happy (and blitzed) as you watch the Final Four games tonight.  Or, if you don’t really care if Syracuse beats the Buckeyes or don’t even know what state Baylor is in, you can make your own bracket of beers and see which Stout battles it out to the end.  Because that would truly make for a Get Blitzed Day.

"You can steal the ball; just leave me my Imperial Stout!"

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