Hofbräuhaus Traunstein Fürstenpils

Beer: Fürstenpils
Brewery: Hofbräuhaus Traunstein
Style: German Pilsner
ABV: 5.1%

 Serving Style: Draft
Glassware: Stein
Drinking Establishment: Zum Schneider, East Village
Primary Consumer: Kerensa



Sight: Clear, golden body with a huge, white, pillowy head.

Smell: Earthy, metallic aroma.

Flavor: Overall citrus and coppery taste that quickly fades to a watery aftertaste.

Feel: Watery with high carbonation.

Concluding Remarks: I’ll be brief, as I’m out and looking forward to putting this one back with a few bretzn ASAP. Hofbräuhaus Traunstein, a 400-year old brewery in the heart of Bavaria, is impossible to find in the US. Unless you take a trek (ein bissen reise) to Zum Schneider, the best German bar in all of New York City. Zum Schneider is the exclusive provider of  Traunstein in this United States. If you need more reason to visit Zum than simply checking out a rare German brewer in the heart of Alphabet City, let this Fürstenpils do the talking (and you do the drinking). The Fürstenpils style, as explained by the brewers, is a “specialty beer with especially refreshing bubbles and a fine head.” I would have to agree that this Pilsner IS especially refreshing and DOES have a fine head. All in all, it’s a very balanced German Pilsner with pleasant notes of hops and citrus. Traunstein says that this Fürstenpils is “a must for a discerning quality of life.” Yeah, sure. Oh, hell with the snarky comments, this is a solid Pilsner, and I’m going to order another pretzel.

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2 thoughts on “Hofbräuhaus Traunstein Fürstenpils

  1. Jonathan

    I’m not generally a pilsner fan, but on occasion, it’s good on a hot day or with a meal. I actually had this one in Munich at a Hofbrau biergarten, and never saw it here. I gotta stop by this Zum Schneider place sometime.

    • They also have a Traunstein Helles, Dunkel, and Zwickel on tap, if you’re not particularly keen on the Pils. Oh, and a whole range of other amazing Bavarian beers. (I swear I don’t work for them!)

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