Mama’s Little Yella Pils

Beer: Mama’s Little Yella Pils
Brewery: Oskar Blues Brewery
Style: Czech-style Pilsner
ABV: 5.3%

 Serving Style: Can
Glassware: Pilsner glass
Drinking Establishment: The Fant Mansion
Primary Consumer: Ally



Sight: Clear dandelion yellow, with a fluffy, white, 1-finger head that settles to about 1/2 a centimeter, with nice lacing and carbonation bubbles throughout.

Smell: Bright, sweet citrus and malts, with maybe a bit of a floral note.

Flavor: The taste is more of hops than malts, but balanced with the sweet citrus found in the aroma, like that of candied orange slices.  There is also a fruit note, along the lines of passionfruit.

Feel: Moderate mouthfeel that’s almost syrupy, with moderate carbonation.

Concluding Remark: This poor Pilsner can easily be misjudged; first of all, it’s a Pilsner, which makes most people think of a Bud, i.e. not good beer.  Secondly, this guy comes in a can, which also makes you think of, well, not good beer.  But Colorado-based brewery Oskar Blues defies the Pilsner stereotype with the Mama’s Little Yella Pils.  It’s a dynamic, well-balanced brew that’s sweeter and more flavorful than what I expect from a Pilsner.  And as for the can, here’s what Oskar Blues has to say about that:

  • Cans keep beer incredibly fresh by fully protecting it from light and oxygen.
  • Cans are highly portable, allowing craft beer lovers to easily enjoy great beer in places where glass bottles are not ideal or allowed: the beach, pool, boats, trails, rivers, slopes, hot tubs, bath tubs, golf courses and so on…
  • Unlike cans of old, the modern aluminum can is lined with a water-based coating so beer and metal never touch, and there is no exchange of metallic flavor.
  • Cans are the most easily and frequently recycled beverage package in the world, free of glass breakage issues, and less fuel-consuming to ship. (Cans enable Oskar Blues to reduce its fuel costs and carbon footprint for shipped beer by 35%.)

So, drink away, friends–this is a perfect, portable summer beer that’s good for the environment, too.

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