SPECIAL EDITION: Get Blitzed Day Goes Global

Guten Tag, devoted TYIB readers!  If you’ve been following us through these past few months, you may have gotten used to, even have come to eagerly await, the inevitable end of the month, i.e., Get Blitzed Day. You know, when we consume as many fine beers of the month’s style as humanly possible and review the day away.  It’s a fine tradition, if we do say so ourselves.

But this month, you may have found yourself putting on your reading glasses, settling in to your favorite computer desk chair, and happily typing in our URL, only to find–alas!–no Get Blitzed Day.  Why?, you asked yourself, did the fine ladies of TYIB lose track of time?  Did they become too busy to prioritize one of the finest days of the month?  Did they finally decide it was all too much and check themselves into rehab?

Oh no, dear readers.  We would never disappoint.  In fact, the reason why we didn’t present a typical GBD this month is because…we were in GERMANY!

Yes, TYIB went global this month–to one of the best places on earth for consuming the finest of all beverages: Berlin.  And we didn’t stop there; because TYIB takes going international seriously, we stopped by Poland as well–all for the sake of bringing you the best in beer knowledge.  (And, well, because Berlin is awesome, is totally open to people drinking on the streets.)

So be prepared to spend the day with some fine German and Polish beers, in our two-part, streamlined, GBD extravaganza.  Prost!  Na zdrowie!  Get blitzed!

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