Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA

Beer: Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA
Brewery: Stone Brewing Company
Style: Double IPA
ABV: 10.8%

Serving Style: Draft
Glassware: Pint glass
Drinking Establishment: The Brickwall, Asbury Park, NJ
Primary Consumer: Ally
Secondary Consumer: Laura, Ally’s sister



Sight: Clear, coppery amber.  Not much head when served, just a light dusting of creamy bubbles.

Smell: Hops and fruit, like apricots.

Flavor: The hops dominate, with the apricot fruitiness appearing in the aftertaste.  It’s not necessarily balanced; there is a clear delineation of flavors.

Feel: Solid, full, dry mouthfeel.  Moderate carbonation.

Concluding Remark: The Stone Ruination IPA, developed in 2002, was the “first full-time brewed and bottled Double IPA on the planet,” according to the San Diego brewery Stone.  It derived its named from the “ruinous effect” it had on the palate, i.e. hop overload.  Well, in celebration of the Ruination IPA’s tenth birthday, Stone released a special anniversary edition on June 11, 2012, adding twice as many hops to the Ruination brew (can this be considered a Quadruple IPA?) and upping the ABV from 7.7% to 10.8%.

The verdict?  The Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA makes for a good summer beer.  It’s flavorful, but not as overpowering (or ruinous) as you might expect…although it does leave a tingle in your throat.  Since it is a special edition, we can only imagine it’s going to have a limited release, so definitely snag a pint if you find it and see just how strong your palate is against this “celebratory and glorious homage to the almighty hop.”

And cheers to The Brickwall for serving it in a pint.  No pansy 10 oz. pour for us!  Woo!

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