And that, as they say, is that. Oktoberfest 2012 has officially come to an end. Today, the ridiculous Viking-themed rides and beer tent are being packed up and the empty kegs rolled away, marking the end of the best time of year to be a German beer enthusiasts with enough PTO to attend Oktoberfest. And what an experience it was.

This happened.

credit: npr.

And this happened.


And who can forget about this.

leiderhosen air guitar competition.

In honor of the last 16 days, this Get Blitz Day will celebrate the malts and hops that were harvested to provide the world with the Oktobefestbier. And how else to celebrate than to drink as many Oktoberfestbiers as possible? Sounds like an ideal Monday to me.

If you’ve enjoyed this Oktoberfest season, you’re in luck. While the party might be over in Germany, the American festivities parade on (typical). Most American Oktoberfestbiers will be available until the end of the month, and there are numerous German bars that will continue to celebrate with bratwursts, biers, and German folk music into November. While we would love to spend the rest of the month celebrating a royal wedding that occurred over two hundred years ago, we must move on to the next style. And it’s a good one. But before we announce it, GET BLITZED!

The party’s over…for now. credit: flickr (juliana furtado)

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