Arcadia Jaw-Jacker

Beer: Jaw-Jacker
Brewery: Arcadia Ales
Style: “Pumpkin” Ale (Spiced Ale)
ABV: 6.0%

Serving Style: Bottle
Drinking Establishment: Chez Wood
Primary Consumer: Kerensa



Sight: Dark golden body with a thick fluffy head.

Smell: Everything in here is faint: faint malt/pie crust scent, faint hops, faint cloves and nutmeg. Meh.

Flavor: There’s an initial jarring sharpness that masks all flavor.  As it subsides, it begins to taste like a bland cookie with an underlying tart lemon flavor. Actually, it tastes like a bland cookie consumed alongside a bland IPA (worst night ever). The lingering flavor is seltzer and wheat.

Feel: Thin with robust carbonation. It’s also quite buttery and leaves an oily residue on the top of my mouth, like a greasy doughnut would.
Concluding Remark:  Arcadia bills this as an “amber-wheat” beer (new to me) AND as a “pumpkin spice” beer. While they claim that the spices included are “in the exact proportion of the brewer’s Grandmother’s pumpkin pie recipe,” Arcadia must have consumed one too many ales, as THEY FORGOT TO ADD PUMPKIN. What would Grandmother Arcadia say?? This Jaw-Jacker serves as an example that just adding pumpkin pie spices does not a Pumpkin Ale make. Pumpkin aside, Arcadia’s Jaw-Jacker is all over the flavor spectrum but somehow ends up in the realm of bland.
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