Stegmaier Pumpkin Ale

Beer: Stegmaier Pumpkin Ale
Brewery: Lion Brewery
Style: Pumpkin Ale
ABV: 5.5%

Serving Style: Bottle
Drinking Establishment: Chez Wood
Primary Consumer: Kerensa



Sight: Clear copper body with no head.

Smell: It smells like putting your face into a cold pumpkin pie. If ever there was to be a beer that smelled exactly like the most generic LIBBY’S® Famous Pumpkin pie, this is it. It smells just like pumpkin spiced with clove, nutmeg, and allspice. There’s even a waft of pie crust in here, too.

Flavor: Sadly, it doesn’t taste as ‘I WANT PIE RIGHT NOW’ as it smells. Instead, it tastes like clove-flavored water. As it sits, it starts to develop an almost unpleasant sour, rotting pumpkin flavor.

Feel: Quite watery with moderate carbonation.

Concluding Remark:  Stegmaier’s Pumpkin Ale is fine as a quick fix for your pumpkin craving. You’ll get a little of the ubiquitous spice, and there’s a pumpkin on the label. However, the more you let it sit (and it will sit because you won’t be compelled to drink it immediately), the more it tastes like a bar of bland soap (like, clean linens or crisp air). At least some of the spices mask the soapiness, but you won’t be completely satisfied and might go off looking for pie instead.

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