Epic Brewing/DC Brau Fermentation Without Representation Imperial Pumpkin Porter

Beer: Fermentation Without Representation
Brewery: Epic Brewing and DC Brau
Style: Pumpkin Ale (Imperial Pumpkin Porter)
ABV: 7.7%

Serving Style: Bottle
Drinking Establishment: Chez Wood
Primary Consumer: Kerensa



Sight: Deep, almost black body with tinge of orange at the edge. Thick, creamy tan head with a sticky lacing that coats the glass.

Smell: This smells like candy. Or more specifically, candy pumpkin ice cream float milkshake goodness. The milky sweetness and roasted malt note of the Porter base comes through, with just a slight nutmeg and pumpkin aroma.

Flavor: This also tastes like candy. It’s rich, creamy, earthy, spicy, and oh I don’t know, CANDY. There are also notes of fresh pumpkin, bitter chocolate, and fresh vanilla extract.

Feel: Thin-ish, creamy body with minimal carbonation.

Concluding Remark: Calling Epic Brewing’s Imperial Pumpkin Porter decadent would be an understatement. Yes. This is not only a Pumpkin Porter (RARE! AMAZING!) but a IMPERIAL Pumpkin Porter (RAREST! AMAZINGEST!) A beer of this caliber beer could not be produced by the hands of one brewery alone–no, Fermentation without Representation is a collaboration between Epic Brewery and DC Brau. I’ve had a soft spot for DC Brau since my days in DC, but now it’s serious. This is without a doubt one of the best Pumpkin Ales I’ve had. While I wouldn’t QUITE call this an Imperial at 7.7%–Imperials should be over 8%–it’s Imperial in that it belongs to the craft beer royal court, if there was ever such a thing.

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