Ashland Amber

Beer: Ashland Amber
 CalderaBrewing Company
Style: American Amber Ale
ABV: 5.6%


Serving Style: Can
Drinking Establishment: Chez Wood
Primary Consumer: Kerensa




Sight: Sight hazy amber, almost pink body with a small creamy head.

Smell: It has a huge nose, with equal parts pine hops, grapefruit hops, sweet candy sour apple hops, and a metallic note.

Flavor: This tastes like dessert IPA. There’s a sweet briochey malt flavor that is matched with an overpowering foresty hop flavor. Yeah…it tastes like eating pastries while walking through the dense Black Forest. Also, there’s a refreshing, minty-menthol cooling factor at the end.

Feel: Medium, slick body with some carbonation.

Concluding Remark: Caldera Brewing, out of Ashland, Oregon, produces one fine Amber Ale. All in all, it’s quite balanced while still packing tons of surprising flavors, and the cooling effect at the end is unexpected but awesome. It’s not a hop explosion like some Ambers, but if you like your ales on the slightly sweeter side and can stand some bitterness, definitely give the Ashland Amber a try. I haven’t had anything quite like it, and that makes this Amber even sweeter.

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