AleSmith My Bloody Valentine Ale

Beer: My Bloody Valentine Ale
 AleSmith Brewing Company
Style: American Amber Ale
ABV: 6.66%


Serving Style: Bottle
Drinking Establishment: Chez Wood
Primary Consumer: Kerensa




Sight: Crimson, dried blood colored body with a huge sticky, foaming head.

Smell: This smells like hops incarnate. I would even go as far to say that this is one of the most aromatic and floral smelling beers ever. If you continue to sniff at it–and you might even if you’re not a weirdo beer smeller like me–you will start getting wafts of milk chocolate of the Russell Stover variety. Smarmy doily box included.

Flavor: The smell sets you up to think that you’re about to taste one of the hoppiest beers of all time. Sadly for some and a wave of relief for others, you’re in for a surprise. The initial flavor is a sugary caramel taste. Just as you become accustomed to that pleasant flavor, there is a sharp floral hop taste that beats that sugar flavor to a bloody pulp. At that very moment, a cheap Valentine’s Day chocolate flavor kicks in until a final wave of  bitter hops dropkicks you in the throat . The chocolate and hops flavors bicker for awhile, each trying to have the final word, um, taste. In the end, just like a breakup and the end of the good beer, there is no winner. Instead, all that you’re left with is the memory of what was and you’re stuck trying to make sense of the last six months, I mean, six minutes.  There is no resolve because there is nothing to hold on to…just a feeling, uh, I mean, taste.

Feel: Smooth, full body with moderate carbonation.

Concluding Remark: My Bloody Valentine is the wondrous San Diego-based AleSmith’s seasonal beer. Apparently this is a cousin of their  Evil Dead Red Ale. Could this brewery be anymore amazemo? If My Bloody Valentine tastes like hops + chocolate, I’m morbidly curious what  _____ + hops equals Evil Dead Red.

Let me just say, this 6.66% ale is phenomenal. This is the first time I’ve tried an ale this hoppy that also has a striking chocolate flavor. While My Blood Valentine has the hop profile of an Amber/Red Ale, as you keep drinking it, it begins to acquire caramel, raspberry, and cherry flavors. I do believe that this is one of the more unique beers I have tried.

My Bloody Valentine Ale is axing its way into my heart.

Regardless of its overall bizarreness, this is one hella good beer; there are no two ways around that. It’s a one way ticket in the “hell yes” direction. Sadly, those on the East Coast won’t be able to find this beer–I purchased it during a recent stint on the West Coast. HOWEVER. I have one more bottle, and in the spirit of My Blood Valentine’s Day, I am willing to share it. Inquire within. Especially if you are Kevin Shields. Extra especially if you are Kevin Shields ca. 1990.

ks, b mine, pls.

ks, b mine, pls.

Just like when we all queued  up the Dark Side of the Moon to the Wizard of Oz in college, if you drink My Bloody Valentine to Loveless from start to end, you will reach a slightly euphoric state. So, this Valentine’s Day, instead of looking for a valentine at your local bar at 11:58pm, pick up My Bloody Valentine and listen to My Bloody Valentine. And if that’s not possible because you don’t live in California and your Loveless CD is scratched beyond all repair just like your last relationship, just drink a beer. The end. Happy bloody Valentine’s Day.
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