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Captain Lawrence Pumpkin Ale

Beer: Pumpkin Ale
Brewery: Captain Lawrence
Locale: Elmsford, NY
Style: Pumpkin Ale
ABV: 5.5%



Sight: Hazy orange body with all of a centimeter of white head.

Smell: It reminds me of a health food store. Its smells like a cross between apple cider vinegar/kombucha and organic toothpaste.

Flavor: Picking up on the toothpaste note, the general flavor is slightly medicinal with some anise flavors and an odd peppermint cooling sensation. There is a trace of generic pumpkin flavor upon burp, however the second wave of flavor is that of from-old-NYC-pipes water and a hint of sugar.

Feel: It has a thinnish body with high carbonation.

Concluding Remark: I’ll start with the caveat that this is my second pumpkin beer all season. My dearest of friends brought some Post Road to a gathering the other evening, and if it weren’t for our years of friendship, I would’ve rather un-politely declined the aforementioned brew. Thus, Captain Lawrence’s pumpkin is my first true pumpkin beer in nearly two years. (I obnoxiously boycotted pumpkin ales last year, is my memory. No judgment, all, I know many of you are doing the same with PSLs every morning.) And to be frank with you the internet, I should’ve grabbed my go-to bodega beer, Stone’s Go-to-IPA, and resisted the overwhelming urge to review a series of pumpkin ales. CL, what a let down. The label states that it was brewed with pumpkin and spice. That’s nice, and I still want a pony. But I doubt that pony would be any happier cooped up in my small apartment than I am drinking this beer.

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Captain Lawrence Captain’s Kölsch


Beer: Captain’s Kölsch
Captain Lawrence
Style: Kölsch
ABV: 5.5%

cpt kolsch

Serving Style: Bottle
Drinking Establishment: Chez Wood
Primary Consumer: Kerensa




Sight: Bright, clear golden body with a small white head that, in typical Kölsch-style, quickly simmers down to a few bubbles.

Smell: If ever a beer smelled like the innards of a German bierhaus, well, this would be among the German beers that smell like the innards of a German bierhaus. Dominant aromas are lemon, a funky yeast, biscuits, and fresh white bread.

Flavor: Not quite as strong as its smell, the taste is a combination of copper, lemon floor cleaner, pretzels, and a crisp bitterness from the addition of American hops.

Feel: It has a thinnish body with high carbonation.

Concluding Remark: I can’t in my right mind give a non-German Kölsch a 5, right? Captain Lawrence’s Captain’s Kölsch isn’t in the Kölsch Konvention, after all. HOWEVER, if I wasn’t such a stickler for the beer rules (which are in no way affiliated with the BJCP guidelines or anyone else’s rules or ideas or beliefs or religions), the Captain would be well on its way to earning the top award that every beer seeks: theyearinbeer’s 5 pint glass rating. Alas, this is my house, and my rule is that I can’t give a “Kölsch-style” beer a perfect score.

So, 4.5 it is for Captain Lawrence of New York. Nevertheless, the Captain is exactly what you would expect of a German-American Kölsch-style ale. It’s hella refreshing, with a seemingly impossible lightness that is balanced by a surprising amount of flavor for the style. And good looks to Captain Lawrence for not dousing their  Kölsch with hops; no, they mitigated what was probably an uncontrollable desire to dump in gallons of hops and instead included just a smattering of Crystal hops.

My final words are, this beer would please anyone. Simply put, excellent job, Captain Lawrence. But, if you’re looking for that 5 pint rating, I suggest you pack your bags and head off to Cologne and get your ass into the Kölsch Konvetion.

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