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Founders Imperial Stout

Beer:  Imperial Stout
Brewery: Founders Brewing Company
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 1o.5%

Serving Style: Bottle
Glassware: Pint glass
Drinking Establishment: Kerensa’s kitchen
Primary Consumer: Kerensa



Sight: Opaque dark-dark-dark brown body with a deep orange-red edge. No head to mention.

Scent: This smells absolutely incredible, with waves of deep dark chocolate and espresso. This might be the best smelling Stout of the month!

Flavor: I know we have used the term bitter Baker’s chocolate time and time again, but this actually tastes  like someone melted down twenty bars into liquid form. There is also a unique combination of deep, almost ashen malt and a slight twang of bitter hop in here. If you take away anything about Stouts this month, let it be that allowing a Stout to sit for even just five to ten minutes will provide you with a whole new set of delicious flavors to experience. After five minutes, this Imperial Stout has transformed from bitter chocolate to a smoother, impossibly rich, dark chocolate. 

Feel: Medium, viscous body with appropriate carbonation (i.e. just feels right).

Concluding remarks: This is one helluva solid beer. This might be the best straight-up Imperial Stout I have had this month (not counting derivations such as coffee stouts–ahem, AleSmith). I can totally imagine Catherine the Great going to town–er, St. Petersburg–to acquire Founders Imperial Stout by the keg. Oh, but your Highness, tis only 10am! Are you sure you desire another Founders? To which she would reply, заткнитесь вы ничтожные наложницу и принеси мне моем десятом основателей имперского толстый! сейчас!

All in all, this is a quintessential Russian Imperial Stout, from its rich mouthfeel to its dark, roasted, dare-I-say decadent complexity. This is beer opulence at its best!

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SPECIAL REPORT: Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout

Last night, WFMU (Jersey City, NJ’s listener-supported, freeform radio station) sponsored a Beer Nerd Meet-Up at Barcade, the less hipster-douche-y version of the original Williamsburg bar-meets-arcade.  A fundraiser for the station, the night centered around an uncommon event: the tapping of a keg of Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout.  Twenty dollars reserved you a 10 oz. pour of this hard-to-come-by beer, which was first released as part of Founders’ “Backstage Series” (a line that brought some of the breweries most sought-after small release beers to a wider audience.)

With the anticipation raised by the small-batch brew style of the Backstage Series, coupled with its Beer Advocate ranking as the fifth highest-rated beer in the world, there is much ado about the CBS.

And so, The Year in Beer is going to break from routine and do a special review of this rare Founders brew.


Beer: Breakfast Stout
Brewery: Founders
Style: American Double/Imperial Stout
ABV: 9.4%

Serving Style: Draft
Glassware: Beer snifter
Drinking Establishment: Barcade, Jersey City
Primary Consumer: Ally
Consumption Companion: Ally’s beer-savvy sister, Laura



Sight: Super dark, near black in color.  (Although it’s not the most well-lit bar in Jersey City, so…yes.)  No head by the time it was served.

Scent: Predominantly coffee and chocolate, but also roasted malt and smoky, in that campfire/woodsy/Canuck kind of way.

Flavor:  The flavors present themselves in a series–first the roasted smokiness, then espresso, then bittersweet chocolate.  The chocolate lingers most as an aftertaste.

Feel: Not overtly thick or heavy.  Moderate-to-low carbonation.

This offering from the Founders folks in Grand Rapids, Michigan is brewed with chocolate and a combo of Sumatra and Kona coffees; it’s then aged in barrels that once aged both bourbon barrels and–wait for it–Canadian maple syrup!  Whoa!  Sounds exciting, right?  Well, I’ll admit, it doesn’t taste like any other stout I’ve ever had, but I don’t understand why it’s so coveted.  After smelling the smokiness on first scent, I secretly wanted the first sip to taste like bacon.  (Come on, it’s a breakfast stout!)  And then, upon speaking with the bartender and learning about that magical maple characteristic, I then wanted more than anything for it to taste like pancakes.  Well, neither was the case; instead, my taste buds were met with a dark chocolate-covered espresso bean.  The more the beer mellowed, the better it tasted–less carbonation, more chocolate flavor.  But nothing screamed “special!” or “breakfast!” to me–the Sixpoint Smoked Baltic Porter my sister had for her second round was more bacon-y than the CBS, and sometimes you just want a little liquid bacon with your morning coffee-beer.

Concluding remarks: A good cold-weather brew that I wouldn’t turn down, but I also wouldn’t go out of my way for.  And when you’re at an establishment like Barcade that has 25 beers on tap, you want to make the most out of your selection.

You also want to play some BURGERTIME!

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Founders Porter

Beer: Porter, “Dark, Rich & Sexy”
Brewery: Founders
Style: American Porter
ABV: 6.5%

Serving Style: Draft
Glassware: Pint glass
Drinking Establishment: Blind Tiger, West Village
Primary Consumer: Kerensa
Consumption Companion: A Park Slope resident



*EDITOR’S NOTE: This was five or six beers into the night, as a caveat.

Sight: Luxuriously dark, rich, black velvety body with a warm dark brown head.

Scent: Smells of coffee and hazelnuts.

Flavor: Full-bodied, complex flavor. Coffee and caramel on the forefront, roasted malts throughout. Chocolate at the end.

Feel: Smooth and full with a balanced amount of carbonation.

A quintessential example of the American Porter, Founder’s offering has quiet a complex flavor profile, rife with the three Cs (coffee, caramel and chocolate). The sweetness of the added coffee and chocolate is balanced with the right amount of hop bitterness. This is by far one of the most, if not the most, enjoyable American Porter I’ve had.

Concluding remarks: Get this beer ASAP. It will keep you warm throughout the winter…perfect for those long walks back to the subway in the middle of January (on those nights that aren’t 60°F). It is an excellent example of how American brewers have really made this style their own. I wouldn’t recommend drinking it with dinner, but it would make an excellent companion to a dessert. Or, even just as a dessert in its own right. Serve it just slightly colder than room temperature, maybe at 50°F or so. Prost!

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