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Pinkus Organic Unfiltered Ur Pils

Beer: Organic Ur Pils
Brewery: Brauerei Pinkus Mueller
Style: German Pilsner
ABV: 5.2%


 Serving Style: Bottle
Glassware: Pilsner glass
Drinking Establishment: Kerensa’s apartment
Primary Consumer: Kerensa



Sight: Cloudy, bright, soft yellow body. Upon first pour, there’s a huge white head that settles to a centimeter brim.

Smell: It smells like an explosion of Munich malt with a note of citrusy zest. It reminds me a bit of a Helles, which should be no surprise as this style was modeled after it.

Flavor: It doesn’t taste quite as delicious as it smells, but the Munich malts and light Noble hops are quite pleasant. There are also subtle notes of metallic and lime. Decent flavor at the fore, but there is absolutely no aftertaste. The only flavor that lingers is carbonated water.

Feel: Very thin, almost watery–yet creamy–body, with high carbonation.

Concluding Remarks: Our first Pilsner of the month is a German! So take note of the German characteristics now and notice the difference between it and the Czech Pilsners we will inevitably review. Also, Pinkus’s Ur Pils is in fact a “ur pils,” or in German, an “original pils.”  In this case, the “original” style refers to the fact that this beer is unfiltered, as modern filtration techniques were not part of the original brewing process. Pilsners are not usually unfiltered, so this Pilsner has an uncharacteristic creaminess and cloudiness that is associated with other unfiltered brews, such as the Hefeweizen.

All in all, this Pinkus’ Ur Pils is veryyyyyy easy to drink, but won’t knock your socks off. It tastes like a malted seltzer with a spritz of Noble hops. I’ll give it props for being organic, but I’m not about to go spend another $4 for a bottle. Well. Maybe once more.

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Eel River Porter


Beer: Porter
Brewery: Eel River Brewing Company
Style: American Porter
ABV: 5.8%

Serving Style: Bottle
Glassware: Pint glass
Drinking Establishment: Kerensa’s apartment
Primary Consumer: Kerensa



Sight: Dark orange and brown, medium opaque body with a centimeter of beige head. Tiny carbonation bubbles cluster at the edge.

Scent: Strong burnt coffee aroma, with a lingering scent of isopropyl.

FlavorPredominantly bitter, burnt coffee taste with a bit of sweetness at the end.

Feel: Prickly mouthfeel.  Over-carbonated with a very thin, watery body. Even for someone with an open obsession with all things carbonated, this is a bit much for me.

Concluding remarks:  The initial taste of coffee is nice, but quickly fades into murky nothingness. As the contestants of that one MTV dating show from the mid-2000s screamed, NEXT! I’ve had too many better Porters this month. There really is no reason to drink this again, unless it was sitting in a cooler at someone’s party. While not offensive by any means–it does have a decent coffee flavor–I just can’t sit here typing, pretending that this is even in the same category as the Smuttynose Robust.

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Wolaver’s Alta Gracia Coffee Porter

Beer:  Coffee Porter, “Alta Gracia”
Brewery: Wolaver’s Organic
Style: American Porter
ABV: 5.0%

Serving Style: Bottle
Glassware: Pint glass
Drinking Establishment: Kerensa’s kitchen
Primary Consumer(s): Ally & Kerensa



Sight: Opaque coloration with caramel-bronze note. Very thin head when poured.

Scent: Artificial vanilla-flavored coffee.

Flavor: Well, artificial vanilla-flavored coffee.

Feel: Like someone poured just a little bit of seltzer into an artificial vanilla-flavored iced coffee.

Did you get the point? Where are we, Dunkin Donuts? Did they start brewing beer in addition to coffee? This tastes eerily similar to their (artificial vanilla-flavored) coffee; or, if you prefer Starbucks, the dregs of a French press. And it tastes as it smells, sadly. The vanilla flavor is really overwhelmingly fake and then the stale, out-all-day coffee flavor hits you after. And you thought having regular coffee breath was bad…

Concluding remarks: Drinking this brings us back to our childhood. No, our moms didn’t pour beer in our sippy cups (BUT WE DID LATER IN COLLEGE). What we mean by this is that this Wolaver’s Coffee Porter reminds us of an alcoholic coffee cream soda float, albeit a subpar one.  Or, like someone poured seltzer into your flavored iced coffee. Yum?

And yeah, yeah, we like organic things; but we’ll stick with the wheat grass shots, thank you very much. (Is it bad if we add some vodka, though?)

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