The Drinkers

Since the ripe (under)age of 18, we’ve allowed beer to hold a special place in our hearts (and livers); but in the year 2012, we decided to take our love for the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage to a new level.  The result?  The Year in Beer–an epic alcoholic undertaking to learn everything we possibly can about beer.

Every month, we pick a different type of beer to feature.  We explore the differing styles and nuances of that beer, examine its history and background, and, of course, drink as much of that type of beer as possible, posting all our reviews and revelations–not to mention shnazzy pictures, too–here.

Hey, we’re not chemists; we’re not brewmasters; but we are curious consumers who are making it their year-long mission to become educated consumers.

And if we get a little tipsy in the process, so be it

Who are we?


Architectural historian, urbanist, and explorer with a penchant for tipsy beer walks.

Her type: Smoky Germans and Deadly Indian (Pale Ales)

Favorite breweries: Founders, Stone, La Chouffe

Favorite local bars: Zum Schneider (for Germans), vol de nuit (for Belgians), Blind Tiger


School teacher by day; aspiring cartoonist by night; beer drinker always.

Her type: a sexy Belgian

Favorite breweries:  Dogfish Head and Southern Tier

Favorite local bars: Skinner’s Loft, Barcade, and Pint (in Jersey City, NJ); The Old Bay, George Street Ale House, and Harvest Moon (in New Brunswick, NJ)

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